Hi – I’m Kris!

I am a wife, mom, a coach, psychotherapist, entrepreneur and seminar developer. I am a National Certified Counselor and hold a Nebraska License for Independent Mental Health Practitioner in private practice for over 10 years. While I work a wide variety of amazing people at Child and Family Therapy Institute, inter personal relationships and system work fascinate me. Adolescent girls and their parents has emerged as my passion in which I am getting to provide coaching, mindset work, mindfulness strategies, teen relationship work, and education to them to promote growth. Depression and anxiety continue to plague our girls and finding proactive interventions and having multiple conversations about this is at the top of my priority list.

I facilitate multiple workshops and trainings to an array of populations. I present a diverse set of topics to Preteens and Teen Adolescent Girls as well as mother daughter relationships. I find the adolescent years to be the most interesting and dynamic time for a teen to grow and develop. I present to a variety of caregivers who find themselves overwhelmed with stress and who desire to develop a framework for stress strategies, with a specific interest in teachers and coaches as they are our direct line of care to our children.

My main source of education is being in the role of Wife and Mother, in which it is within these contexts I find I learn the most about life. I am grateful for the ongoing conversations about personal development with my husband so our relationship consistently grows and for the opportunity to watch my two children evolve into being themselves.


Kris STeinbeck