Hi – I’m Kris!

 I work with people who self-harm.

 My clients are driven adults and adolescents.

They are high achievers in life…. and they are hiding incredible hurt.

They want relief from the struggle, and they need tools to do that.

Psychotherapy has often been frustrating for them.

Behavioral interventions are not enough.


If it were just a behavior problem then behavioral interventions (replacement strategies, charts, rewards, consequences, talk therapy) would be effective. They do not address the root cause.

It goes much deeper than this.

I know this firsthand.

Self-harm shows up in various forms, from cutting, pinching or squeezing, pulling, hitting, burning, eating concerns, over exercising and more. My clients relate to the desire to feel something on the outside of their body to match the intensity of the shame, guilt, loneliness they feel on the inside.

I am not scared of this conversation.

As a psychotherapist, I have spent over 16 years working with adults, adolescents, and children with hard to treat symptoms associated with self-harm and an overcontrolled personality. In effort to help people learn about self-harm, a significantly misunderstood action, I use the combination of different learning curves including formal treatment training and different educational modalities Click to read my full bio

Here’s the truth that nobody wants to say: Whatever you are doing is a brilliant strategy to move you in direction of what you really want.

I am committed to helping you get what you most desire.

Kris Steinbeck