Girl Camp:

Where incoming 5th and 6th grade girls connect with other girls and learn about the teenage years in a fun, safe environment.

The purpose of the teenage years – In this camp your daughter will:

  • Normalize the adolescent experience

  • Mind map and develop a vision board

  • Learn “brain stuff” and “emotion stuff”

  • Get hands on experiential interaction for increasing self-esteem and awareness

  • Increase communication with a parent (Last 15 minutes of camp is for Parents to learn from her)

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When:  June 6, 2017  9:00 to 12:00

Where: Child and Family Therapy Institute at 1002 E Philip Ave, North Platte, NE 69101

Cost: $35.00

*Limited space to 15 girls to allow for individual time and small group experience.
**This program is also offered to individual groups.  Please contact Kris Steinbeck at for more information.

Upcoming Camps:

>Mother-Daughter Camp: The art of learning tricks to thrive the adolescent years.

>Girl Types:  Navigating the cliques of girls and understanding your role.

>The Science Behind the Adolescent Brain: Understand the “Why’s” to what they “Do.”

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Facilitator: Kris Steinbeck

While doing work with young adolescent girls, Kris has seen magic happen when they unite and learn they are not alone.

Girls have a lot to say, but few chances to be heard and validated as they wrestle with their own thoughts and feelings versus the messages they receive of how things “should be”. Adolescence is a tricky age yet amazing time to initiate self development.  Kris believes we have an entry point with girls as they enter adolescence to make their brain grow with confidence and leadership through experiences and empowerment.  This magic that happens when you start to see girls get to normalize their adolescent experiences together is amazing and inspiring.  Having this growth alongside with their parents who are often so eager to understand their adolescent and have instructions to guide their kids leadership and self advocate skill set is a powerful combination.

Kris decided to leverage 15 plus years of experience of being a mom, a sports coach and life coach, psychotherapist, entrepreneur and seminar developer to focus on the growth of girls developing confidence and direction in such an opportune time of their lives.

Kris is a Licensed Independent Mental Health Therapist, National Certified Counselor, holds a Nebraska license for Mental Health Therapy and a Provisional Licensed Substance Abuse Therapist. Kris is experienced and well-versed in Play Therapy models and treatment specifically around trauma and child growth.  She is certified in specific evidence based practices Parent Child Interaction Therapy and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Additionally, she is trained in the evidence based practices Child Parent Psychotherapy, and Alternatives for Families Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Kris is the owner of Child and Family Therapy Institute of Nebraska.  Kris utilizes state wide collaborative efforts with other mental health professionals to continue to improve upon the services available for individuals and families.