Cliques, Conflict, and Confidence

October 7th, 14th, 21st  

Grades 6-8  6:00 pm to 7:00 pm Girls Only

Week One:  Cliques: Girls learn why they exist and how to be in or around them.

  • Learn the roles of groups and how to not take things personal.

Week Two: Conflict: What do we do with it!

  • Learn 5 different ways to approach the girl fight (or any fight).

Week Three: Confidence:  Developing Trust and Self Esteem

  • Find out what girls describe as perfect, learn what self esteem is really all about and get the answer for what trust really is.

Participant Results:

” I really didn’t want to go, I thought it was for girls that had problems and I didn’t have any problems. But my mom made me and I really liked it because we actually talked about real life stuff and it wasn’t just listening to someone lecture me.” Abby age 12

“Is this program for girls that have mental health problems?” Mom of daughter age 11  Answer: No, actually this program is preventing mental health problems giving all girls proactive intervention on self care.

“I didn’t realize what was happening with my friends and now I see what the other girls are doing and it is not about me.” Jessica age 11

“Thanks for NOT telling me to not use snap chat but teaching me to think about how I use it.” Kylee age 13

“My daughter has not come across major problems yet however I know she will and I just want her to start to be prepared.” Mom of daughter age 11