It is all happening to our teachers due to the impact and challenges our students are showing up to school with. Teachers are our primary resource and we need to take time to care for them, remind them to care for themselves, and to recognize the power of relationship that starts with our teachers being available for the relationships.

Trauma is showing up in the classroom and impacting our relationships. This workshop gives educators a introduction to what trauma is, how it impacts learning, and strategies to work with it.


Parents who can recognize clique behaviors, discover the purpose of cliques and communicate this to their daughters to navigate the relational worlds with their daughters to have more purpose and direction than being stuck in the myths of adolescents such as, “We have to survive the teen years, or Girls are so mean.” Understanding Girl Cliques helps parents teach their daughter about themselves and their own relational behavior. And guess what, understanding girl cliques allows parents to identify parents roles in girls cliques.

The Seven Key transitions to look for and understand in teenage girls. Helps you normalize the experience and develop confident girls.

K-12 Programs

Assemblies and workshops for Students

Social Media and Social Comparison, teaching girls to manage social media and reduce social insecurity. Give girls strategies to navigate social media pressures and decrease impulsive behaviors.

Help girls explore the core messages that today’s girls are getting and help them challenge them to redefine who they are.

Identify three ways anger is managed, explore the purpose of conflict for girls, and practice conflict management.

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