You Know Something Is Wrong But Don’t Know How To Fix It. 

You Relate With Terms Like Perfectionistic, Obsessive-Compulsive, And Anxiety.

  • Do you find it hard to relax or turn off your mind?
  • Do you recognize you overthink everything you say and then after you say it you overanalyze it?
  • Or maybe you are normally a high achiever and feel like your goals have taken a nose dive lately?
  • Possibly you feel lonely and like no one really gets you?
  • Does guilt seems to be an ongoing feeling for you despite your efforts to correct your behavior?

You want a solid foundation to know why this is happening.

You want to get clear on what is exactly happening and a plan to move forward

You are smart enough, actually, you have a Ph.D. in knowledge, which means you are self-aware enough to know that something is wrong and you want to learn how to get through this level.


Kris Steinbeck

As a psychotherapist, I have spent over 16 years working with adults, adolescents, and children with hard-to-treat symptoms associated with self-harm and an overcontrolled personality. In an effort to help people learn about self-harm, a significantly misunderstood action, I use the combination of different learning curves including formal treatment training and different educational modalities. I am committed to helping you get what you most desire.

Have you ever noticed any of these…

That you are almost always dissatisfied with your own work and performance?

That you spend an excessive amount of time trying to get things “right”?

That you are generally risk-avers and hyper-vigilant or on alert?

That your life is governed by rigid rules you impose on yourself?

That you find situations without order and structure challenging?

That you always notice what is out of line and feel compelled to fix it?

That you find it hard to trust people, and it takes a long time for someone to get to know you?

That you find it embarrassing to be vulnerable in front of others?

That you always feel you must be in control of your impulse?

That you find it difficult to be spontaneous and act without a plan?

That you have difficulties expressing or even feeling anger?

That you would sacrifice pleasure and fun just to meet your own standards?

That you feel you deserve to be punished when you get something wrong?

That you notice a huge discrepancy between how you see yourself and how others see you?

That you censor yourself and other people’s behavior with high moral standards?

That you tend to minimize your distress and be “stoic” about everything?

My clients are driven, adults and adolescents…

They want someone to meet them where they are at and develop skills to master to understand their next level of success.

They are high achievers in life…. and they are hiding incredible hurt.

They want relief from the struggle, and they need tools to do that.

They are self aware enough to know that something is not working for them anymore and they are smart enough to get help but want the help to be clear.

This next level is often not clearly defined yet, so often they just feel like they can’t just keep doing this, whatever “this” is anymore. Sometimes, they don’t trust people enough to say what “this” actually is, because after all they worked hard to get where they are at. 

The truth is there is a whole new level of success that is ready for them and they just need clarity of what that is. The fear of losing their “success” and the drive that got them to where they are in life is real.  

You can have both, Drive and Skill set to develop a new way of being. 

Psychotherapy or counseling has often been frustrating for them. Not because it doesn’t work, because they have outgrown that model and need more.

Some unique issues that I see..

  • Long term depression
  • Lasting and hard to treat Anxiety
  • Trouble Relaxing
  • Paranoia and Mistrust
  • Rumination and OverThinking
  • Social Isolation
  • Emotionally loneliness
  • Restrictive Eating: Anorexia
  • Over Exercising ​
  • Holding on to Past Hurts or Grudges
  • Bitterness 
  • Envy and Gossip Issues
  • Poor Communication Skills
  • Psychosomatic Issues such as fatigue, stomach issues, body aches, high blood pressure 
  • Obsessive Thinking
  • Compulsive Fixing, Helping, or Apologizing
  • Anger and Irritable 
  • Self-harm

I work with people who


Here’s the truth that nobody wants to say: Whatever you are doing is a brilliant strategy to move you in direction of what you really want.

My clients who self-harm have sometimes been labeled with Borderline Personality Disorder yet it doesn’t fit for them.

They fear being judged as attention seekinPsychotherapy has often been frustrating for them.

Behavioral interventions are not enough.


If it were just a behavior problem then behavioral interventions (replacement strategies, charts, rewards, consequences, talk therapy) would be effective. They do not address the root cause.

It goes much deeper than this.

Self-harm shows up in various forms, from cutting, pinching or squeezing, pulling, hitting, burning, eating concerns, over-exercising, and more. My clients relate to the desire to feel something on the outside of their body to match the intensity of the shame, guilt, and loneliness they feel on the inside.

I am not scared of this conversation.

I want to change the whole conversation about self-harm.

It really is not about self-harm, but self-harm is just the best strategy at the moment.

I will give my clients a sense of freedom and relief, a piece of mind to understand the behavior.

*If you or your loved one is self-harming and is suicidal with a plan, I am not the right fit for you. Please go to your local hospital.


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